Hello! Welcome to NE-Gamer.com, the homepage for the LARPing Community in New York and Connecticut. My name is Joan and I’m the webmistress around here. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit up the Contact page!

Before you get started, please check out the links (either to the left or in the button up top, depending on whether you’re mobile or on a computer). There you’ll find pages for each of the LARPs that currently run in our community–how to get involved, who runs what, etc. etc. Their pages will also link to the games’ own websites and wikis (if they have one). We’ve been around for a while, but our web presence is pretty new; so, please forgive the dust!

For your benefit, here is a list of the LARPs that currently play in our region (arranged by the time of month they play):

  • Stamford by Night – Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla)
    • 2nd Fridays in Southington, CT
  • Dark Colony: New Haven – Vampire the Masquerade (Sabbat)
    • 2nd Saturdays in Southington, CT
  • Dark Colony: Hartford – Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla)
    • 4th Fridays in Southington, CT
  • Kings of New York – Vampire the Masquerade (Sabbat)
    • 4th Saturdays in Hicksville, NY

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