Friday Games, Winter Seasons

Joan here with a small update: Dark Colony: Hartford is starting their first First Friday game this weekend! Basically what this means is that the larp will be running twice a month, once on the First Friday of the month and then the usual Fourth Friday. A little thing to note: the Firs Friday game is not so much a game as it is a “soft RP” night, where players can portray their characters without the overarching plot being involved. This also allows some of the Storytellers to portray their own characters as well. It’s also an informal night, so some resourceful players have decided to use the night to also host board/card games to play. As usual, attendance will be $6 dollars at the usual site in Southington, CT. If you’re new to larp or new to the area, it will be a great way to get to know the community and try out a character, or even just hang out. Remember, all first games are free of charge!

With that being said, this (upcoming) month marks the end of the “season” for most games here. That means that some overarching plots are wrapped up for games to start fresh in January. Not all the games follow this pattern, nor do they all follow the exact same schedule (Hartford has ended seasons in the spring, KoNY usually ends seasons in winter, etc. etc.). KoNY indeed does not run in December at all (Fourth Saturday is usually a little to close to the holidays… it’s even Christmas Eve this year). Just something to note, given the temporary change of schedules.

As always, if you have any questions, want to know how you can get involved, or anything at all, feel free to hit up the Contact page.

See you all later!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, All the Things!

Hi! Joan here!

First, off, hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve been pretty busy here (between the cooking and the obligatory BF shopping), but big news here is that the site is now live! It’s been a long time in the making and with more on the way! Right now, there’s only really blurbs for most of the larps here–except Kings of New York, which I built quite some time ago and has gone several iterations–but I’m in the process of making dedicated websites for Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford, so there’ll be more information incoming! For now, though, I hope what you have here is helpful. If you have any questions or want to make any suggestions, please feel free to hit me up through the Contact page!

Another thing, if you can make it, tonight is Dark Colony: Hartford in Southington, CT! See you there, if you go!


Hello! Welcome to, the homepage for the LARPing Community in New York and Connecticut. My name is Joan and I’m the webmistress around here. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit up the Contact page!

Before you get started, please check out the links (either to the left or in the button up top, depending on whether you’re mobile or on a computer). There you’ll find pages for each of the LARPs that currently run in our community–how to get involved, who runs what, etc. etc. Their pages will also link to the games’ own websites and wikis (if they have one). We’ve been around for a while, but our web presence is pretty new; so, please forgive the dust!

For your benefit, here is a list of the LARPs that currently play in our region (arranged by the time of month they play):

  • Stamford by Night – Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla)
    • 2nd Fridays in Southington, CT
  • Dark Colony: New Haven – Vampire the Masquerade (Sabbat)
    • 2nd Saturdays in Southington, CT
  • Dark Colony: Hartford – Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla)
    • 4th Fridays in Southington, CT
  • Kings of New York – Vampire the Masquerade (Sabbat)
    • 4th Saturdays in Hicksville, NY